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Scrap Nikalo
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Turn Your Trash into Cash with SNOH!
Simply tap, sell your scrap right from your doorstep, and watch the money roll in. Enjoy top-notch prices, sell any amount, any time! Plus, cash out securely with UPI. Let's make recycling rewarding!


Why choose SNOH?

Pickup at your doorstep

We're coming to you to ensure you don't need to transport your scrap materials. Enjoy the ease of Doorstep pickups through our app.

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No Minimum Scrap Requirement

Sell any amount of scrap freely with our app – no minimum restrictions.

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Digital Weight Measurement

SNOH guarantees precision by using certified calibrated weighing scales for accurate weight measurement.

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Pricing Comparison

Save money with our app! Easily compare prices from different scrap pickup services, choose the best value for your needs.

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Recognitions & Supporters

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About SNOH

Welcome to the world of SNOH, where our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering unparalleled convenience to both our valued users and cherished partnered vendors. Engaging in a transformative journey, we've dedicated ourselves to the complete digitization of the scrap selling and buying process through our easy to use Apps . Our mission extends beyond transactions, actively fostering a circular economy that paves the way for a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

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Our Goals

  • Our primary aim is to offer users both convenience and competitive prices for their scrap.

  • An integral goal for us is to raise awareness about the advantages of selling scrap, with the aim of providing our partnered vendors with more business.

  • In addition, we aspire to establish a circular economy in India. This model ensures recycling of used products so it can find its way back into the market, promoting sustainability and resource efficiency.

  • We also wish to provide convenience to recycling industries by making sure they always have a steady supply of scrap to recycle.

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